Maple Cherry Cutting Boards

Stanley's Sugarbush's cutting boards are handcrafted from a maple tree that started growing in 1887 according to the growth rings. I personally cut the tree down from my yard in year 2020.

The cherry wood from our cutting boards originate from "Dry Run" mountain in the Alleghany range of northern Pennsylvania. I cut that down at the maple sugar camp. Pictured to the left and right, you can get a glimpse for the beauty of these trees in the Alleghanys.

Other woods are from Africa and South America.

I have 3 basic designs. Brick Pattern, Plaid Pattern and Broken Arrow represnting the Sioux Indians of the northern
"Great Plains" of the Dakatos. If interested, please fill out the form below as you would for any other maple products. I will
need to contact you directly to discuss the design. They take around 3 weeks to craft.

Brick Pattern

Plaid Pattern

Broken Arrow

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"I have never tasted any better sugar then what has been made from the maple, when it has been properly refined. It has a peculiarly rich, salubrious, and plesant taste.

-Samuel Williams, A Natural and Civil History of Vermont, 1794

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